Why Your Hospital Needs a Strong IT Support Team

In 2016, more than 27 million healthcare patients had their records hacked.

That’s a whole lot of important, confidential information that may have been protected with better IT support.

As much as any large company, hospitals need to protect information. Would you feel comfortable using a hospital that was known for having poor cybersecurity?

Probably not. Neither would we.

As society increasingly lives their lives via technology, it must be wary of potential security breaches, as well as being savvy enough to fix any tech issues that arrive.

But we don’t think tech savvy when we think of healthcare professionals, do we?

That’s where IT support comes in. Keep reading to learn why having a great IT support team is so important for hospitals in this day and age.

Why IT Support is Worth It

Technology is increasingly important in hospitals, whether it’s used for communication, to help with diagnoses, or getting the word out about medical services. When something technical goes down serious problems can arise, including health information not getting where it needs to be.

Websites need to be run, as do hospital tools utilizing technology and wireless internet. Maybe cloud services are utilized.

Whatever uses a hospital has for technology, it will inevitably run into problems at some point. Having a dedicated support team to deal with issues when they arise is critical to the success of the hospital.

Without good support, hospitals are likely to see their patients head elsewhere. No hospital patient wants to wait for information because systems are down or hear that their precious information has been hacked.

Internal or External

Implementing tech support may seem inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be. Larger hospitals or those with larger budgets can hire a dedicated onsite team. Those with fewer resources may consider an online support team.

Either way, having a tech support team will allow hospitals to focus on their patients instead of worry about tech issues.

An on-site team provides support that can be on the scene in a flash. But this option may also limit the team’s knowledge base, since there may be only a few team members.

Online support teams don’t provide onsite help, but they can increase a hospital’s access to more specialized knowledge since teams will likely be larger.


Wherever the support comes from, your hospital’s relations will increase if a strong tech support team is present. Communication, in particular, will be improved.

Social media, email, and other internet communications are increasingly important in the healthcare world. Live video chats, classes, and easily accessible information are too. All of these things will flow more smoothly with the help of a dedicated support team.

Not Worth the Risk

With technology advancing every day, hospitals can’t afford to be without an IT support team.

Hackers are constantly at work, and technology is constantly breaking down. In other words, there will always be a need for tech support, even in the healthcare industry.

If you don’t have a tech support team in place for your hospital, get one. Security will be stronger, programs will be back up and running quicker, and patients will be happier.

To learn more about technological support for hospitals, contact us today.

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