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Why Your Company Needs Secure Online Fax

When was the last time you used a fax machine?

Maybe you just faxed something this morning, or maybe, you haven’t used on in years. If you’re on the latter end of the scale, you’ve got some waking up to do. As great as digital advancements like emails and other communication systems are, nothing matches up to secure online fax.

Here’s a closer look at why faxing is still necessary in the digital age of today, and the benefits it can offer your business.

Secure Faxing Versus Other Communication Tools

When you got rid of your fax machine, chances are you replaced internal and external communication systems with email, print mail, and maybe some sort of workflow software. It’s fine and dandy to have these things, but you should still have a secure fax system in place.

Email is not always as safe as you’d like it to be. It’s fast and it can travel to any location in the world, but fax can, too. Not to mention, secure online faxing provides more benefits that email and other communication systems just can’t offer.

The Key Benefits of Using a Secure Online Fax System

The next time you’re about to click “send” on that email, consider these three benefits of using secure online fax instead.

1. Information Security
Emails can be encrypted, but even these codes can be hacked as they travel through the web. An interrupted fax, on the other hand, just sounds like noise.

If there are hackers out there who want data within your industry – like financial information or medical records – they won’t be able to get it via fax. This is because all faxes travel through the PSTN, the Public Switched Telephone Network.

Every time you send a fax (or place a call) your transmission goes through various switches to make a connection. This connection is referred to as a circuit, a direct line of communication between your fax machine and another.

It can’t be broken at random; someone would have to be targeting your wires or the other business’s wires and they wouldn’t be able to make sense of the fax, anyway.

2. Speed and Efficiency
If you’re thinking of speed in terms of how fast an email versus a fax can travel, the differences are negligible. But, every fax gets a receipt. You can instantly see that the person you’ve sent something to has the completed fax.

This is a speed worth investing in. Sure, emails have read receipts, but you don’t know when someone will actually open the message you’ve sent. With fax, you can rest assured the transmission is complete and in the right hands every time.

3. Faxing is Universal
Don’t you hate when you’re trying to get a group chat started for personal reasons, and the bubbles are green because one person doesn’t have an iPhone? The chat still works, but this detail is pretty frustrating.

In the professional world, similar issues happen all the time.

If you use one form of communication software, and a partner or client uses another, you have to figure out how to pass documents and messages between each other. Or, you may find yourself having to train clients who are old-school on how to use things like DropBox or Google Docs.

With secure online fax, though, you can rest assured every dialogue you engage in will be easier to maintain. No matter what internal and external communication systems an office has, the vast majority of companies still have a fax machine.

Some say a tool that won’t die! But in all seriousness, it’s a resource you can always count on.

Establish Your Secure Fax System

If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of your fax machine, think again. Secure fax offers an incredible amount of value in the digital age. You just have to educate your team and your clients on why faxing is the way to go.

But, you’ll also need a bit of support to keep your online secure fax system up and running. Click here to learn more about our faxing solutions.

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