How VoIP Improves Small Businesses: Enhanced Communication in Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is no picnic, so to speak, and trying to keep up with competitors is sometimes a thankless task. Even though you think you have a unique brand and a standout menu from competing local eateries, are you really helping yourself become more successful? As a small restaurant, you’re perhaps falling behind due to being unable to communicate well with customers or staff.

The culprit is typically due to sticking with landline phone systems. If you’ve maintained landline service for years, you’re possibly keeping it out of habit. It’s easy to get this way when you’ve used the same procedures for so long.

One thing about phone companies, though, is the expense becomes great when you start to scale your business. This doesn’t include the bills you’ll receive if relying on cell phone coverage as well.
For business calls, it ultimately brings on a pile of expenses you don’t need.

Here’s how VoIP can improve small businesses and how it solves many of your restaurant’s pain points.

Curbing Expenses
Business analysts continually remind a major restaurant pain point is trying to curb expenses. Because your restaurant is so small, you’re no doubt getting overwhelmed at some of the major bills you already have. Much of this comes from other expenditures in your restaurant like investing in kitchen technology, let alone paying employees.

Working with a landline phone only compounds your expense headaches. You may have to start making more phone calls for business deals, or to contact customers. Some of those calls are maybe overseas where long-distance rates potentially skyrocket.

VoIP solves many of your cost problems. First, you could get rid of your landline phones since they already cost a lot in maintenance fees. Or, you can still use your existing phones you’ve already purchased as a return on investment. Plus, VoIP works through your existing Internet line, saving you having to invest in new infrastructure.

Using Extensions on Existing Mobile Devices
Don’t get rid of your mobile devices if you think they’re too expensive to manage. You can use VoIP technology to create extensions for your business number using a Find Me/Follow Me feature, though you still need carrier coverage to work. You can even configure a mobile device to have its own extension.

The possibilities with this are enormous since it’s possible to quickly call your employees when out on breaks to relay information. Likewise, you can use your business number so you don’t have to dial a separate extension to reach them.

If you have staff who contacts customers, they can work in the field and call out from your business number for a more professional contact method. This gets your employees out of the office and able to do business deals or entice customers while working from home.

Using Digital Assistant When Customers Call In
Many VoIP services give you myriad features that make your entire phone system look almost corporate. Digital assistants, for instance, provide an automated voice leading customers to the right extension in your restaurant. Wait music is another common feature for more professionalism. Using this allows you to set up marketing messages while placing callers on hold.

Most importantly, VoIP helps create faster connections since you’re using your high-speed Internet line. Managing similar connectivity (and mobility) with a landline is virtually impossible due to so many limitations.

Safely Storing Customer Data
Thanks to cloud-based VoIP, you can store vast amounts of data on your customers. When they call in, your employees immediately have access to customer data to use as reference. Sometimes your customers may need information, and it’s instantly available without having to search through physical file bins to find it.

Keep in mind if your restaurant faces a disaster, storing customer data in the cloud saves your business. You’ll be able to retrieve your entire phone system anywhere you find an Internet connection.

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