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How VoIP Can Improve Small Businesses: Streamline Customer Service with Better Clarity

The pain points of the retail industry are many, and you’re probably finding new ones every year that you try to solve. Some are perhaps glaringly obvious, yet you fear making changes, only because switching to new technology takes too much downtime. While this is true sometimes, it’s not the case with all technologies. VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is one where setup is the easiest in the world thanks to using your existing Internet line.

If you’ve already looked into how VoIP can improve small businesses, you likely discovered VoIP is already reshaping the retail industry in refreshing ways. Because retail is so customer-oriented, changing the way you do customer service by phone is going to alter perceptions about your company’s value.
However, VoIP changes more than just customer service. You already know retail can become very risky financially when things aren’t handled correctly. Better phone technology automatically puts you on a better financial path, regardless of what your sales figures are.

Even so, VoIP creates a domino effect, which ultimately improves sales as well. Let’s look at how through the customer service angle.

How Much are Retailers Saving With VoIP?
Let’s face it: Going through regular phone companies and using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is unnecessarily expensive. How many years have you had to open your phone bill with disdain because you know it’s well into the three figures?
As your retail business grows, you know all those long-distance calls you make every day are going to compound. This doesn’t include your cell phone bills due to your team making calls while out in the field.
Statistics show VoIP now saves retailers up to 55% in phone bills It’s because most VoIP providers only charge you a flat rate per month, which makes long-distance calling unlimited. So how can this apply to your customer service? Once you start using VoIP, you’ll see how much your customers appreciate the way you use the technology’s myriad features.

Digital Assistants
One standard VoIP feature retailers find useful is the digital assistant, which is similar to AI. It’s a simulated customer service attendant that’s able to instantly lead customers to the right department.
Using this already saves you money on hiring a phone bank team to handle customer calls. While it certainly doesn’t replace everyone who does phone work in your retail company, it’s a dependable guide bot for all employees.
Customers quickly get led to the right person they need to talk to without protracted steps or long wait times.

Find Me/Follow Me
Forwarding calls frequently becomes problematic in large retail stores due to so many departments. Most VoIP providers give you “Find Me/Follow Me” as another standard solution in allowing quick call transfers.
If someone can’t answer at their desk, the call quickly gets forwarded to the employee’s cell phone. Now your employees can still take important customer calls when on breaks or even at home.

Never Missing Important Messages
Your sales team may need to do follow-ups with customers who need questions answered. Since you don’t want your sales department chained to their desks, VoIP creates amazing mobility features.
Outside of smartphone app extensions and wireless headsets, messages to email is one of the best mobile attributes. All phone messages get forwarded to an employee’s email so they can play important voice mails while on the go.

Call Transfers to Different Devices
Sometimes you phone reps have to switch to different devices while talking to a customer. VoIP providers allow numerous call transfer features, allowing seamless transitions without having to hang up first.
During a sales calls, this is essential so there isn’t any lost continuity. While taking orders over the phone, it’s imperative so you avoid customer frustration from unprofessional hang-ups.

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