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The Top Reasons Why Outsourcing IT Service Desk Support Saves Healthcare Providers Money

Healthcare providers are confronted with a plethora of IT challenges every day. From network outages, to difficulties retrieving electronic records, to software glitches, it seems that healthcare providers are constantly facing IT issues that impede their ability to deliver prompt treatment to patients. Clearly, delivery of IT services is critical to the smooth operations of a healthcare facility, and healthcare providers must determine the most cost-effective way to tackle IT problems. Below are the top reasons outsourcing IT service desk support saves healthcare providers money.

Help Desk Service is Available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week
Urgent care centers and some other types of healthcare facilities are open around the clock. Viruses, network outages and other IT problems can strike at any time without warning, and can impede the ability to provide patient care. An IT manager who works traditional 9-5 hours is of little use to an urgent care center experiencing failure retrieving electronic healthcare records for patients.
By enlisting the help of outsourced IT service desk support, health care providers have access to HIPAA compliant help desk service providers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the healthcare industry, the ability to avoid even short delays is critical to the preservation of the following:

  • Immediate restoration of access to patient data
  • A return to the prompt delivery of healthcare
  • Prevention of lost revenue due to treatment delays linked to network outages
  • Maintenance of patient satisfaction through the swift delivery of healthcare

In these ways, around the clock outsourced IT service helps to ensure that equipment is kept operational at all times, thereby maximizing revenue for the healthcare provider.

Outsourcing IT Services Maximizes Healthcare Facility Space
Space is a coveted resource at nearly every surgery center and medical practice. By eliminating the need for an office for a full-time IT Manager, health care providers free up valuable office space which can be used to for one of the following:

  • An additional examination room
  • An intake room
  • A minor procedure room

By converting a former IT office into a healthcare procedure room, providers accomplish the following:

  • Maximize the total number of patients they are able to see simultaneously
  • Increase total revenue
  • Raise the resale value of their facility

The Value of a HIPAA Compliant Managed Service Provider
Failure to comply with HIPAA standards can result in fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compliance with standards should be infused into the workforce culture of every healthcare organization, and HIPAA compliance should be demonstrated by all outsourced service providers.
By enlisting the service of an outsourced HIPAA-trained IT service manager, healthcare providers are able to save additional money on training costs and avoid the possibility of costly fines for HIPAA non-compliance.

How Outsourcing IT Services Helps Employers Save on Training and Benefits
Outsourcing IT Services helps healthcare providers save money by eliminating the need to provide a salary, training and benefits to IT employees. Health insurance costs, payroll expenses and the cost of job-related supplies for a full-time employee are eliminated. Finally, by outsourcing IT services, your company HR staff can focus training efforts on other employees.

Choosing the Best Managed Service Provider for Your Healthcare Facility
With the growing number of fly-by-night IT service providers, it is important to outsource a HIPAA compliant industry leader that is committed to helping you achieve your goal of improving patient care.


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the ways that outsourcing IT services will save money for your healthcare organization. Our team of HIPAA-trained experts will tell you how we can solve your IT challenges to allow you to better care for your patients.

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