The Best Cloud Solutions For Small Business in 2018

Not convinced yet that cloud computing is the future of your small business? According to a survey by RightScale, 85% of enterprises in 2017 had a multi-cloud strategy. That figure is up from 82% in 2016 and only continues to rise.

You’re probably focused on daily operations and growing your business. You might not have the time to investigate which cloud solutions for small businesses are right for your brand.

The world of SaaS (software as a solution) is growing, and knowing where to start can be confusing. If you’re already using cloud-based programs, you might also be wondering what will integrate with the tools you’ve invested in.

Good news: we’re highlighting two of the best solutions for every industry. Let’s talk about what the cloud can do for your small business.

Communication Tools

The average employee spends over four hours of their workday managing emails. That doesn’t include the amount of time you spend in meetings or on conference calls either. Managing this communication could be draining your time.

Thankfully, there are cloud solutions for small businesses. These tools are designed to help make how you communicate at work fast an efficient. These options are focused on making collaborative work easier. Cloud-based apps like Asana, Slack, and ClickMeeting are a great place to start.

Imagine having a shared whiteboard space over your digital video conference. Or being able to quickly ask a colleague for an update without having to draft an email and wait for a response. These are the kinds of the daily tasks cloud-based communication helps businesses with.

Wireless communication systems have revolutionized the way we talk to each other. Shouldn’t they be able to do the same for your business?

Backups and Security

Beyond communication, there’s another fundamental cloud solution for small businesses. Backups and security.

Cloud-based storage for your company backups means you never have to worry about running out of space. If you prefer redundancy backups or utilize data-intensive programs, you aren’t alone. Now you won’t have to worry about protecting your info again with these cloud solutions.

Applications like Carbonite and iDrive are solutions that offer enhanced security and peace of mind for your data.

Of course, you may want a more specialized solution for your industry. One that integrates well with other systems you have in place. SasS and cloud-based software integration are just two of the many services an IT manager can provide.

Finding Your Cloud Solutions for Small Business

Let’s say you work in a more specialized industry like health care, agriculture, or real estate. You want a professional IT management service that can recommend the perfect solutions for your business.

For small businesses, you need to know which cloud-based software is right for your brand. You also need to know what integrates together for seamless transitions. At ThinkSecureNet our expert team of IT professionals will help you find the right products and tech support to grow your business. Let us help your organization succeed. Visit us online at ThinkSecureNet today to learn more.

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