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The Benefits of VOIP for Your Business

8 out of every 10 small businesses fold within 18 months of opening their doors. That harrowing statistic sheds light on the fact that in today’s extremely competitive business landscape, being productive and keeping costs down is important to bucking the widespread trend of shrinking profits and potential failure.

There are many ways businesses both big and small can trim their organization’s fat and streamline their processes. Perhaps one of the most popular ways is by putting their traditional phone service on hold and upgrading to VOIP.

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol phone services, works by converting sound into digital voice. It then transfers that digital signal through your pre-existing internet connection to complete calls.

There are a ton of benefits of VOIP businesses who choose to upgrade their traditional landlines can enjoy. Below, our team has compiled a few of top advantages.

1) Security

The average cost of a data breach for companies, according to a study published by IBM, is 3.6 million dollars. If a bad actor were to intercept your private information via a traditional analog phone call, the odds of you experiencing a data breach would go up significantly.

With VOIP for business services, your calls will be fully encrypted. That makes eavesdropping on calls more difficult than what you’d get with standard phone systems.

2) Call Quality

Regular analog phones use antiquated technology to route calls. While the call quality these legacy systems provided was suitable years ago, now, expectations for call quality are higher than ever.

To meet both you and your customer’s quality expectations, VOIP is the way to go. It doesn’t matter how desolate the location of your business is. If you have a good internet connection, you can expect to enjoy crystal clear communication!

3) Portability

One of the top benefits of VOIP is that these types of phone systems go where you go. Your landline is tethered to your business location. Your VOIP service, however, can be accessed over the internet via many devices and across different locations.

That means that setting up multiple lines within an office is a cinch. It also means that conducting your business on the go has never been easier.

You can get office calls routed to your cell phone, transfer calls to colleagues, and more with a couple of clicks!

4) Quality Assurance

With VOIP for business services, you can easily take advantage of call recording functionality. Consequently, calls conducted for business purposes can be reviewed by you and your team for training purposes. They can also be reviewed to get to the bottom of any issues that may have taken place.

Setting up equivalent systems with analog phone lines is clunky and requires additional hardware.

5) Data

Today’s modern business world is powered by data. Insights like what people are doing and why they’re doing it allow companies to tailor their processes. It then allows them to provide unparalleled service to clients which in turn, boosts profits.

With your VOIP phone, the data you’ll be able to collect on calls dwarfs what you’d be able to achieve with traditional phones.

In addition to call recording, VOIP phone will let you keep logs of when customers are calling. It also lets you track call length, call location and perhaps even more advanced demographic information.

This data can get accessed from your VOIP portal. It can then be quickly referenced so you can refine your call practices and boost your business’ productivity.

6) More Answered Calls

There’s nothing worse than when a customer want’s to get in touch with you but can’t reach you. Two or three trips to the voicemail and you may end up losing an important client.

A deep reduction in missed calls is one of the benefits of VOIP you can look forward to. With VOIP, your phone service can ring multiple lines before sending customers to voicemail. That means, first your phone may ring in your office, then, after some time, instead of going to voicemail the call can transfer to your cell phone which increases the probability of you being able to pick up.

7) Reduction in Costs

The final and one of the best benefits you can expect to get with VOIP for business services is a steep reduction in call costs. Since VOIP works over your existing internet connection, there’s no need for a costly setup that a phone provider might need to initiate when setting up your analog phone.

Furthermore, given the increased competition in the VOIP space, monthly rates for VOIP service are lower. Miscellaneous charges like those levied for international calls will also beat any rates you’ll find via analog phone providers.

Beyond that, the flexibility of VOIP also cuts costs.

For example, for many companies using traditional phones, they need to provide company mobile devices to employees who work from the road. With VOIP, employees can access their office number via their personal phones. This gets achieved through an internet connection/VOIP application.

That means less phone-related expenses and higher rates of productivity.

This breakdown just scratches the surface of all the benefits of VOIP in the way of cost-cutting. If you’re interested in pursuing VOIP service, find a reputable VOIP provider to learn more about all of the ways VOIP can pay for itself!

Wrapping Up the Benefits of VOIP

In today’s business environment, operating one’s organization in a way that’s optimized and reduces expenses is paramount to getting ahead. VOIP phone services allow you to do exactly that.

Whether you’re looking for higher call quality, more business security or are simply looking to cut costs, VOIP for business services offers a wide array of advantages to companies who are willing to make the switch!

If you’re looking to take your company’s ability to interact with customers to the next level, our team at Think Secure Net can help. We specialize in providing companies like yours with a wide variety of security-focused, cost-effective methods to make their businesses run smoother.

Learn more about some of the solutions we offer.

When you’re ready, contact us and let us give you a personal consultation in regard to the value we can bring to your organization!

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