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5 Tips For Better Project Planning and Management

An article in the Harvard Business Review discussed, "The Dirty Little Secret of Project Management." The "secret" of the article was that most project managers have no idea when they'll complete the project. Effective project planning and management have to be about delivering the project on time, within budget and in full. It can be a challenge to keep a project on track and to deliver on everybody's expectations. Project planning and management can be learned and improved with experience. Apply these tips to make big steps forward in your project delivery.
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How to Know If You Need IT Consulting Services for Your Business

Are you ready for the benefits IT consulting services can offer your company? Wondering if it's time for your business to hire an IT consultant? Managed IT solutions and IT consultants can do a lot for your business. Consulting services can help to optimize your business operations and help your business to succeed. But how do you know when it's time to get professional IT consultants involved? Below are a few of the main signs that it's time for your business to start using IT consulting services.

5 Benefits of Server Encryption for Your Business

In order to resolve the average cybersecurity attack, companies work an average of 45 days and spend over $20,000 a day. If you're a small to medium-sized business, this is a massive expense to hand over to some random pirates who want control of your data. While server encryption might sound like an unnecessary expense, it's probably a lot cheaper than the million dollars a breach will cost. Data breaches hit companies of every size. They've cost credit card companies millions, have accounted for billions in stolen bitcoin, and have lead to international criminal cases. They're the last thing you want your company to end up in the news over.
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Upgrade: Why Call Center Software Matters to Your Customers

Customers are integral to the success of your business. When a customer does service with you, you want them to have the best experience. Customer service includes more than putting on a smile and acting friendly. Customer flow helps maintain organization and structure. The best way to enable this is using great software, especially if your customer service relies heavily on phone calls.

4 Ways Cloud Solutions Can Help Your Non Profit Business

The cloud computing market grows with each passing year and will become a $141 billion industry in 2018. If you're a non profit business looking to replace your outdated systems, getting a cloud system can save you a lot of money in the long run. More than 90% of organizations now use cloud solutions in public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting. With that, let's take a look at how cloud solutions can help your business.

Check Please: Why Your Business Needs a Service Desk

Every business, no matter what business it is, depends on technology to deliver or market its product. So what happens when that technology breaks? Somebody has to fix it, and if you don't have a reliable service desk, it'll be you or one of your employees. Take a look at these three main reasons your business needs the right IT help.

How IT Infrastructure Benefits a Business

Every part of your business -- from the back-end operations to the customer experience -- is affected by IT infrastructure. As more companies are making the switch to cloud-based services, spending in this area is expected to keep increasing even as traditional IT services slow a little. For business owners, investing in a comprehensive IT infrastructure is one of the most important decisions to make. It begins with choosing the right IT consultant and getting a full understanding of your company's needs and potential weak spots. They'll help set up your infrastructure and put you in a position for long-term success.

5 Uses for a Wireless Communication System

It's amazing how a wireless communication system enhances our…

Intro to Business Continuity Management

You just put in a hard day at the office. You spent all morning and afternoon working on that massive case for the company’s biggest client, and it’s finally ready for their approval. You’re just about to turn out the lights when your cell phone rings. You recognize the number from the office. Hesitantly, you pick up and hear your boss’s panicked voice.

Why Cloud Technology Solutions are Right for You

Cloud technology solutions are the wave of the future. Just ask…