Top 5 Computer Security Threats That Could Cost You Millions

The Internet is a beautiful thing. You can shop online, conduct business, and watch cute cat videos. But like the Wild West, the Internet has outlaws. Hackers steal millions of dollars worth of data every day. In fact, half of all small businesses report suffering a cyber attack. Even the big guys like Sony aren't immune to a cyber thief's sticky fingers. Knowing is half the battle, especially in the digital space. These five common computer security threats could ruin you if left undetected.

Do You Need a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan?

On September 11, 2001, Americans learned first-hand how necessary it was for businesses to create a working plan for emergency situations. Those businesses who were located below 14th street in Manhattan couldn't operate for several weeks. Some businesses got lucky. Some in the financial services sector were invited to use office space at other companies, such as Bloomberg. Others simply lost income day after day. Some lost their offices when the buildings collapsed.
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Agriculture 101: How an IT Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save You

IT troubles can spell disaster for you regardless of what industry you're in. Some companies have even gone under due to the stress of a major IT problem. Make sure that never happens to you. Put an IT disaster recovery plan in place and test, test, test it. If you don't think it is that important, take a look at these reasons why you should have a plan.
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Why Every Business Needs a Backup Recovery Plan

As a digitally operating business in 2017, you must have a backup recovery plan for your data or you won't be an operating business much longer. The healthcare industry faces unique challenges in maintaining data integrity and, according to a report, many within the industry are failing at this challenge. Even a small compromise to your data can cost your company tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prevention is your number one goal, but it is not always possible.

The Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist

Some people spend a lifetime building their business. The original idea for their company may have even first developed when they were children. As such, many companies are the owner's life's work. But, as businesses grow, it becomes increasingly important to prepare for the worst. Without a proper procedure to recover from unforeseen events, it's not impossible for a company to go out of business. But, by developing a solid plan, you'll be able to make sure that you bounce back.
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Why HIPAA is Important to Patients: Finding Technologies to Protect Data

We're definitely living in a more complex and volatile world where anything can happen, and digital technology only makes it more challenging. In the medical world, this obviously added more stress to you and your medical staff over the last several years. With hacking problems seemingly happening every hour now, it's close to playing Russian Roulette (maybe literally) with many of your patient records.