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Why Secure Communications in 2018 Are a Must

It only takes two little words to send even the most powerful business into a spiral of panic:
data breach.


It feels as if there’s a new breach every day, costing businesses billions of dollars in addition to the loss of consumer confidence. That’s why it’s so surprising that only 42 percent of businesses claimed they were concerned about a possible attack.

Businesses need more than a basic firewall and a creative password. They need to invest in secure communication solutions that are going to keep their info safe when they need it the most.

Here are a few reasons why secure communications are so important in 2018.

Regulations and Compliance

We’ll start with perhaps the biggest reason to invest in secure communications, regulations, and compliance.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you work in, there are likely regulations about your digital communications. These regulations are in place not only for your safety but for the safety of your customers and clients.

So what happens if a business fails to comply with regulations? In short, fines…and a lot of them.

Let’s take the health industry and HIPAA, for example. Healthcare practices without secure communication can face up to $1.5 million in annual fines, even if they didn’t knowingly fail to comply.

No business can afford these exorbitant fees. Make sure that your business is adhering to your industry’s strict rules.

Secure Communications Inspire Consumer Confidence

Secure communications affect more than your daily office emails. These communications matter to your customers, too.

A business that fails to secure its communications isn’t merely failing itself. It’s failing investors and those who do business with that company, as proved by the recent Equifax disaster.

Last year, Equifax experienced a major data breach that resulted in 143 million people’s information going public. While they tried (and failed) to do damage control, most experts agree that the damage is already done.

No customer is reasonably going to trust Equifax with their credit information anymore.

Don’t make the same mistake. Keep your communications secure and let customers know that you value security.

Cyber Criminals Will Only Get More Efficient

Let’s just be clear about this: cybercrime is only going to grow in the coming years. As technology cements its place in the modern workplace, criminals will get smarter.

Hackers see a firewall or some basic encryption and take it as a challenge. Imagine what would happen if multiple people teamed together to hack your business.

Make sure that your business is ready for a tech-oriented future. Focusing on security now can help you avoid disaster in the future.

Keep Your Business Secure

As you can see, it’s of the utmost importance that businesses, regardless of industry, place an emphasis on cybersecurity. So make sure your business is ready for the future.

Think smart and ThinkSecureNet for all of your managed security solutions. Get in touch today to learn about how you can keep your communications private.

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