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We have an entire division dedicated to exclusively delivering Managed IT Solutions to simplify technology for nonprofit organizations, large and small.

NPOs are faced with a growing list of challenges—navigating technology should not be among them. Non-Profit Organizations have a growing list of people to serve
including the people they help, the partner organizations they collaborate with,
and the donors that fund the organization's operation. SecureNet delivers technology solutions to make services more efficient, more available, and more cost-effective to keep you connected with donors.

We’ll deliver Managed IT Solutions that feature the most secure, robust, and scalable solutions for NPOs to connect with donors and partners.

We’ll deliver Managed IT Solutions that feature the most secure, robust, and scalable solutions for NPOs to connect with donors and partners.

Explore our Cost Effective Managed IT Solutions

Explore our Cost Effective Managed IT Solutions

Managed Security Solutions

Cyber security and compliance are an area of focus for most organizations, especially when breaches and threats can occur both inside and outside of your office network. Navigating the quickly evolving world of security can be challenging and often intimidating. Our experts can recommend an integrated set of Managed IT Security solutions to protect your applications, data, and most importantly, your donors.

Mobile Device Management

Ransomware Mitigation

Endpoint Security

Network Monitoring

Endpoint Encryption

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Network Security

Managed IT Solutions

We partner and collaborate with your team to help navigate the modern complexities of technology, delivering solutions and outcomes that matter most. We use a combination of advanced tools, excellent process execution, and expert engineers to keep your business running smoothly. We use a comprehensive ticketing system to ensure that you are kept informed every step of the way to resolution.

Award-winning Service Desk

Resource Allocation

Disaster Recovery Planning

IT Consulting

Cloud Solutions

Business Continuity

Unified Communications

Having a reliable and scalable communication platform is crucial to delivering an exceptional experience to your donors and strategic partners. Get access to a technology-proof solution that is designed to leverage enhanced analytics that drive results.

VoIP Phones & Service

Call Flow Design

Enhanced Call Analytics

Secure Email

Secure Fax

IT Infrastructure

Connecting your organization to peers and donors to your organization is easier than ever - if you have the right Unified Communications Strategy, an agile infrastructure that supports growth, with the security and compliance to back it up. From the desktop to the data center, we have deep experience to create powerful infrastructures that transform organization's communications.

Structured Cabling

WiFi Communications

Infrastructure Design

Project Management

Infrastructure Projects

Our Impact in Non-Profit

Helping Non-Profit Organizations leverage technology.

We bring a unique blend of technologies, proven strategies and processes to meet the growing needs of organizations within the NPO industry. We offer a rich combination of industry experience and IT innovation to better serve you, your donors, and strategic partners.

Our founding company, SecureNetMD®, was built around the concept of providing cutting-edge IT solutions specifically to the Healthcare industry. With laser focus and being highly immersed in that industry, we’ve applied this same proven industry focused model to NPOs.

This hyper focused model allows for our team to understand your specific needs on a level that other Managed IT Service Provider simply cannot. We understand the challenges organizations face with integrating technology with their operations and we’ve created defined solutions to help resolve them.

With an entire team dedicated to serving NonProfit Organizations – Let us show you why we’re the leader in providing IT Solutions to NPOs everywhere.

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