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How to Choose An IT Consultant

The global tech market has grown to the size of $3 trillion, making it essential that every company have some skin in the tech game. Whether you’ve already got a small IT department or you’re looking to start one, hiring an IT consultant can allow you to grow while keeping your flexibility.

Although the exact future of tech is uncertain, its place in the global market is not.

For companies that already have an IT department, a consultant can bring in a new perspective and new tools that will keep your department up today. If you’re just starting a small business, a strong consultant will ensure that you start off on the right foot.

If you’re wondering what to look for when you’re choosing an IT consultant, make sure your next candidate has these 5 characteristics.

1. Impressive Experience

Looking at your IT consultant’s resume should leave you impressed from each entry to the next. While of course people always present their best selves on paper, the experience that your consultant has should make them seem like an exciting prospect.

You’ll be in an especially good position if they know your industry.

Even if they’re new to your industry, see if they can describe ways that their experience might be relevant. You never know in what ways that variety of experience could help your company grow.

2. Honest and Dependable

You need to hire IT consultants who can look at your system and give you a sober assessment of what you need to do. Tech employees who try to tell you what you want to hear aren’t useful for a growing company.

Your consultant should care enough about their clients to communicate honestly and professionally. Their interest should be the client’s success and the project, not their own happiness.

Your consultant should be able to help your business stay on top of trends in the industry and make sure your roadmap leads you to steadily increasing profit.

3. Problem Solving

Your consultant will need to be able to stay on their toes no matter what kind of trouble comes their way. In all likelihood, your consultant will spend their first days looking at what issues your company has and give you a list of ways to solve them.

Your consultant needs to not just be told what to do. They need to seek out problems and solutions independently, predicting hurdles before they turn into major problems.

4. Strong Communication

Your consultant needs to be able to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly in writing and in person. There are lots of smart and talented people in the tech world but not all of them are great communicators.

You need to make sure that you’re fostering an environment where your consultant can speak freely and openly. This will help you face challenges together.

5. Great With People

While technical skill is important, so is personality. Not everyone working in the tech industry is a great communicator, so you need to hire people who can act as conduits to make up for those people.

An IT Consultant Brings Value To Your Workplace

By broadening the range of issues that your staff can tackle, your consultant will help your team build new skills and sharpen the tools they have.

If you’re ready to hire a consultant to fit your team dynamic perfectly, contact us to find a great match today.

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