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How Do Call Analytics Improve Your Company’s ROI?

Are you looking to improve the marketing and sales ROI of your business? If so, you should be investing time and energy into your call analytics.

By measuring everything from inbound calls to customer complaints, you can determine which calls are leading to conversions, and pivot your strategy accordingly.

Not sure what these analytics are how they can improve your company’s ROI? In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about call analytics as well as its benefits so you can decide if this IT solution is right for you.

What Is Call Analytics?

Call analytics is the process of measuring, collecting, and analyzing phone call data.

Alongside web analytics, companies use this data to determine which advertisements and marketing campaigns are driving qualified calls to their business. Some major analytics features include:

Call Recording
With call recording, companies can listen to conversations that happen during inbound and outbound calls. This feature tells you what happens during calls, as well as what content is more likely to generate leads.

By knowing what conversations drive conversion, you can focus your energy on those areas.

Call Transcriptions
If you’re a bigger company with a big phone call log, chances are you won’t have the time to listen to every call recording.

With this analytics feature, you get automated transcripts of calls. This lets you get an easy-to-read summary of calls so you can see what’s working.

Lead Scoring
If you have many leads, it’s important to know which ones are qualified.

Lead scoring lets you quickly view and identify leads so you can invest your energy where it matters most.

How Analytics for Calls Improves ROI

Now that you know what this type of analytics is, let’s discuss the benefits. Here are three key ways this kind of analytics can improve your company’s ROI.

You Can Pinpoint Profitability
With this technology, you can improve ROI by focusing your efforts in the right direction.

You can easily filter down to your best leads, and determine which channels are driving the most qualified calls. This will help you streamline your efforts and only invest in areas with the highest return on investment.

You Can Optimize Your Messaging Strategies
If you don’t have an analytics system in place, your marketing messages might not resonate with customers or drive sales.

With this technology, you can understand what messages are driving sales, and adjust your campaigns to maximize the results.

You Can Save Time
When it comes to the return on investment, one of the most important things is cutting back on the useless or unnecessary effort.

This call technology saves you time because it spares you from having to manually manage your call log. With automated call scoring and transcription, you can access data whenever you need it, and use it to pivot or re-strategize.

Harness the Power of Call Analytics

If you want to improve your company’s efficiency and profitability, focus on implementing an analytics system for calls. By doing this, you can increase your company’s ROI and grow your business.

Do you currently use analytics at your business? Know of any additional ways it can improve your ROI? Let us know in the comments!

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