Why Every Small Business Needs a Website

Whether it’s a local company or a national chain, virtually every establishment has its own website these days. It’s especially important for small business owners to have one, as they don’t always have the same resources as larger stores to get the word out to potential customers. With an already long list of things to do, it may be tempting to skip the website and focus on other advertising venues. However, having a strong professional online presence is vital to the success of any establishment.
Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why every small business needs a website:

  • Saves Money. A lot of small business owners believe they can’t afford to have a professional website made. Truth is, they can’t afford not to. With all-inclusive website packages from DelmarvaVoIP, businesses can get a stunning website, hosting, and email starting at $99/month! Compared to the cost of taking out a newspaper ad, the potential market reach alone is well worth considering a website.
  • Saves Time. It takes time to provide all the information consumers need to know about the store. Using the phone, printed materials, emails, and other options really cuts into that time. Keeping the website updated with commonly requested information such as store hours, prices, and location is a huge time saver. Now the business owner can focus his attention on other things.
  • Accessibility. Websites are available 24 hours a day to everyone with an Internet connection. It’s a convenient way for both potential and regular customers to review services and products when the store itself is closed. Given how busy people are today, having that convenience is frequently an important selling point.
  • Credibility. Consumers almost always turn to the Internet to seek out the services and products they need. Having a website will give a business more credibility. If one can’t be found, customers will instead turn to competitors with an online presence. A generic website is a good start, but hiring someone to give it a professional makeover will improve the company’s image and help web searchers feel confident in their choice. It’s especially helpful to those who work from home, since there is no storefront available for promotion.
  • Keep Customers Informed. It’s much easier, quicker, and cheaper to update a website with new information about services and products than it is to update printed material. It’s an effective way to get the word out about special promotions, new items, and upcoming events. Printed brochures and catalogues become outdated while a website stays relevant.
  • Access a Wider Market. Regardless of what businesses offer, websites give them alternate selling locations. Rather than being confined to a local market, services and products can now be advertised and accessed on a global scale. This opens the doors to an extremely large potential customer base.
  • Advertising Medium. A website is the perfect place for a business to showcase its work, no matter what its niche may be. Having an image gallery or online portfolio and product testimonials or reviews proves to the world the quality of the work and can help convince consumers to make a purchase.
  • Improved Customer Service. Besides serving as a worldwide advertisement, a website is the perfect outlet for business owners who would like to share free tips and advice with their customers without incurring any additional costs. For example, accountants might offer various financial management tips, and an organic food shop can give recipes related to their products. FAQ pages, newsletters, and business blogs are also great ways to give customers a little something extra while encouraging them to keep coming back.

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