Why Cloud Technology Solutions are Right for You

Cloud technology solutions are the wave of the future. Just ask any of the 93 percent of respondents to RightScale’s survey who are already using it.

Nowadays, cloud technology is becoming a staple for doing business. Are you wondering why?

Let us welcome you to the 21st century and show you why cloud technology solutions are so great.

Saves Money

Cloud technology saves you money. But how does that work? Don’t you have to sign up and pay a subscription?

That sounds like an extra business cost.

Not when you consider the ROI. The cloud provides all your employees easy access to the data relevant to their projects. This saves time since they don’t have to go hunting for what they need.

The pay-as-you-go subscription means that you only pay for what you need. No more paying the operating costs for a physical location in which you only use half the space.

It is also completely flexible. If your needs go up or down, you can upgrade or downgrade as needed.


But how secure is it? Aren’t we always hearing about hackers getting in and stealing data? This is a big concern for companies, especially those that handle sensitive data.

Cloud technology is secure and becoming more secure by the day. In many ways, it’s more secure than onsite hosting.

The cloud host security team is always on the job. They work to ensure that your company’s data is safe from cybercriminals.

Is it effective? Well, RapidScale says that a solid 94 percent of businesses had better security with the cloud.


One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology solutions is mobility.

Your employees can stay connected via smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Whether at the office, at home, or on a business trip, your staff access to relevant data.

Easy Collaboration

Mobility obviously leads to easy collaboration. Teams can work together on projects from anywhere around the globe.

You can save a lot of money in time and airfare when employees don’t have to be in the same location to work together.

Automatic Updates

Another great benefit of cloud technology solutions is that it’s always evolving. As part of your subscription, your company receives automatic updates.

These updates can be anything from better security to better software. The best part is that there’s no waiting for the IT department to install them.

Cloud updates are automatic, so the system keeps itself refreshed and up-to-date. This eliminates almost all the downtime your company has during software updates.

Receiving all these updates keeps your competitive edge nice and sharp. Technology moves fast these days. Slow, physical solutions mean that your company is already behind the times.

Learn More about Cloud Technology Solutions

Here we’ve talked about only a few of the many benefits that cloud technology offers. We have a whole lot more information available on cloud solutions.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you get your business up-to-date with the best technology!

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