Check Please: Why Your Business Needs a Service Desk

Every business, no matter what business it is, depends on technology to deliver or market its product.

So what happens when that technology breaks?

Somebody has to fix it, and if you don’t have a reliable service desk, it’ll be you or one of your employees. Take a look at these three main reasons your business needs the right IT help.

What is a Service Desk?

You can call an IT desk whenever something technological in your office decides to stop working. A specialist will either give you step by step instruction that will get the item running again or will drive to your office to fix the problem in person.

These specialists can save your employees a lot of time, allowing them to work on what they should be working on so your business can keep growing.

But not all service desks are the same. Before you make your final decision, make sure you read some testimonials to ensure the company will put your needs first.

1. Keeps Employees Focused
When you don’t have any IT help, someone else on your team has to address IT problems.

For example, your office may depend on a functional printer. If it stops working, one of your employees will have to stop what they’re supposed to be working on and devote their time to fixing the printer.

This could take hours, even for a simple fix. When it comes down to it, your employee doesn’t know how to fix a printer, and they’ll have to watch multiple Youtube videos and experience through trial and error what will get it working again.

You hire your employees for specific skills and pay them to work with those skills. If solving IT problems isn’t on the list, they shouldn’t be wasting their time (and your money) working on them.

2. Your Employees Could Make the Problem Worse
No matter how many videos they watch or manuals they read, your employee doesn’t actually know how to fix a broken printer. In the process of trying to fix it, they may accidentally make the problem worse.

Service desk professionals have been specifically trained to take care of these problems. Not only can they fix the printer in a significantly shorter time, they can do it correctly, meaning it may last a lot longer.

3. IT Specialists Are Available at All Hours
And they have a great response time. The best will start working on your problems within 20 minutes after your call. (But remember, all service desks are different. Some have response times that are a LOT longer, so make sure you do some research.)

Every business has those long nights from time to time, nights where you have to finish a last minute presentation or prepare for an important meeting the next day. There’s nothing worse than doing all that work and being unable to finish it at the last minute due to a computer that won’t turn on.

No matter what time of night, a good service company will be available to help so you can get that work done.

Your Business Needs a Service Desk

It will save your employees a lot of stress, and it will save you a lot of money. After all, you’re not paying your employees to fix a broken printer. You’re paying them to do their job. So call an IT specialist when things go wrong and let your employees keep working.

Ready to find a good service company? Check out some of the things we offer.

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