HIPAA Compliance Checklist 2018

A federal upgrade is underway for HIPAA Regulations. Healthcare organizations need to put in place an effective index of compliance standards for personnel to adhere to. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, provides privacy standards that protect medical records and PHI (protected health information). Handling protected health information requires compliance. Organizations must familiarize their staff members with the HIPAA Compliance Checklist 2018.

2018 GDPR Checklist: Are You Compliant?

You'd have to be living under a rock lately to not have heard of GDPR. The media has been warning businesses and organizations for some time, and email inboxes have been filling up with updated privacy policies. So, having a 2018 GDPR checklist is essential to getting your organization ready and compliant. But understanding all the lengthy articles and legal jargon can be overwhelming. What exactly do you need to concentrate on when getting your organization ready? First, let's make sure we understand what GDPR is and why it's important. Then we'll go through the checklist you need to have to give you the GDPR confidence your company deserves.
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How to Strengthen Your Practice's Digital Infrastructure

What if you could make a few key changes and have a more advanced medical practice than ever before? It may sound too good to be true. However, making the right changes in your digital infrastructure is your key to a stronger company. Keep reading to discover the changes you need to make!

Why Your Hospital Needs a Strong IT Support Team

In 2016, more than 27 million healthcare patients had their records hacked. That's a whole lot of important, confidential information that may have been protected with better IT support. As much as any large company, hospitals need to protect information. Would you feel comfortable using a hospital that was known for having poor cybersecurity? Probably not. Neither would we.

4 Ways Network Monitoring Can Keep Your Medical Records Safe

Is your office or practice preparing to update its digital infrastructure and networks? Did you know that the healthcare industry reported 233 data breaches in 2017 related to hackers and insiders? With HIPAA compliance and patient privacy being top priorities alongside patient care, network monitoring can be a lifesaver for protecting sensitive data. Read on to learn 4 ways that network monitoring can help to keep your electronic patient record files safe!
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How to Develop a Mobility Strategy for Healthcare

There has never been a more exciting time for the healthcare marketplace. With digital transformation revolutionizing healthcare patients and providers alike are able to expect a better experience in every aspect of managed care. The IoT (internet of things) alone will change patient care dramatically. With a compound growth rate of 30% per year through 2022, the technology is spreading faster than many providers can keep up. Integrating a mobility strategy with the shifting needs of healthcare is often a major project for healthcare providers. A mobile deployment is only successful if you integrate all the pieces. Follow these guidelines for a mobile strategy that works:

Do You Need a Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan?

On September 11, 2001, Americans learned first-hand how necessary it was for businesses to create a working plan for emergency situations. Those businesses who were located below 14th street in Manhattan couldn't operate for several weeks. Some businesses got lucky. Some in the financial services sector were invited to use office space at other companies, such as Bloomberg. Others simply lost income day after day. Some lost their offices when the buildings collapsed.

The Importance of HIPAA IT Compliance

Advancements in information technology mean medical data is being stored in new ways. Gone are the days of massive filing cabinets and binders that hold paper health records. Files are moving from physical folders to digital ones. IT has become a vital part of healthcare. But while cybersecurity is always important, the medical field requires special care. The health privacy law HIPAA doesn't only apply to doctors and nurses. IT personnel must comply too. Here's why HIPAA IT compliance is so important.
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Why Every Business Needs a Backup Recovery Plan

As a digitally operating business in 2017, you must have a backup recovery plan for your data or you won't be an operating business much longer. The healthcare industry faces unique challenges in maintaining data integrity and, according to a report, many within the industry are failing at this challenge. Even a small compromise to your data can cost your company tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prevention is your number one goal, but it is not always possible.
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Why You Need Secure Private Email in 2018

Did you know expenses for cybercrime losses are expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021? This means email interception is a common problem that needs your immediate attention. Simple, appropriate precautions can keep your information safe from these cyber predators. Let's take a look at why you need a secure private email in 2018.