How Network Outages Impact Rural Health Care Providers

The phones or the Internet being down is always a hassle, but for rural health care providers, it can be far worse than that. Patients become highly dissatisfied when they can't get basic information or make appointment during network downtime.
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How VoIP Can Improve Your Restaurant Business

Restaurants deal with many unique communication needs. They typically have surges of phone traffic in advance of lunch and dinner times, may have multiple locations, and often need to keep several customers on hold as they check on things.
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Top 5 Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Outsource IT Service Desk

Healthcare providers are confronted with a plethora of IT challenges every day. From network outages, to difficulties retrieving electronic records, to software glitches, it seems that healthcare providers are constantly facing IT issues that impede their ability to deliver prompt treatment to patients. Clearly, delivery of IT services is critical to the smooth operations of a healthcare facility, and healthcare providers must determine the most cost-effective way to tackle IT problems. Below are the top reasons outsourcing IT service desk support saves healthcare providers money.