Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Businesses

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5 Reasons Why Your Wi-Fi Isn't Working (And How to Fix It!)

The Internet has been around for almost 30 years and it's now as crucial to many of us as electricity. And since the start of wi-fi in 1997, we've become even more dependent upon our need for access to the World Wide Web. You use your wireless Internet connection for both personal and professional projects, and it's super important that it stays working fast and reliably, right?

How VoIP Phones Can Help the Restaurant Business

Restaurants love it when lots of customers are phoning in. It's vital to keep up with all the calls, though. If customers get busy signals or no answer, that's a lost order. Worse, they might not call again. If a lot of the calls are for hours and directions, they tie up the line and the person answering while someone else might want to order. Switching to VoIP phones can help avoid lost calls and business while saving money. Here are just some of the benefits.
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Another Top 7 Small Business Trends on the Rise

Small businesses are often going against large firms or fighting to get attention in the marketplace. They have to provide the best services at the lowest prices in order to gain the upper hand. The main way to do so is to take advantage of technology, flexibility and innovation. There are a few tech trends that smaller companies are taking advantage of to make sure that they continue to grow.
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Top Six Small Business Trends On the Rise: From Automation to Innovative Technology Usage

Small businesses continue to experience challenges to keep their heads above water in a time when they’re still competing with big corporations. While stories continue in the press about how small businesses have made a comeback in recent years, the only way to stay ahead is through technology.
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We Know How VoIP Can Improve Your Small Businesses

One of the issues that affects many small business offices is how much time gets wasted on answering phone calls. This problem isn't always the lack of efficiency of the employees, especially if they are accustomed to sophisticated phone systems. It could be that your small business has not invested enough in a sensible phone system. It's time to consider how VoIP can improve your small business communications without breaking the bank.
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Top 6 Small Business Trends on the Rise: Marketing in 2017

The small business industry is continuously growing. In fact, 28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of U.S sales. Most small businesses are looking for new ways to grow and improve the overall success of their business, specifically through new ways of marketing. Effective marketing strengthens your business's position in a competitive market, improves your business's visibility, and helps to increase revenue. With that said, we're going to provide you with 6 small business trends on the rise in Marketing in 2017:

How VoIP Improves Small Businesses: Enhanced Communication in Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is no picnic, so to speak, and trying to keep up with competitors is sometimes a thankless task. Even though you think you have a unique brand and a standout menu from competing local eateries, are you really helping yourself become more successful? As a small restaurant, you're perhaps falling behind due to being unable to communicate well with customers or staff.
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3 Great Features of Hosted VoIP that Benefit Restaurants

Technology has come a long way since the telegraph, now telephony systems have reached a new plateau of innovation with hosted VoIP telephony systems. While many businesses are making the switch because of the nature of their communication needs, restaurant businesses may wonder if this upgrade is for them too? Put simply, the answer is yes, VoIP telephony has specific solutions suited for this industry; in order to explain further, let's examine 3 great features of hosted VoIP that benefit restaurants.

5 Ways VoIP Can Improve Your Restaurant Business

Everyone knows the restaurant industry is competitive. That's why it's important to be on the lookout for new ways to improve your business. A VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is an effective way to increase your restaurant's efficiency and profit margin. Curious to know more? Let's dive in and explore five ways VoIP can improve your restaurant business.