Call Tracking and Analysis: How to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that inbound calls to your business are worth five to 10 times more than those generated by forms?

Call tracking has been used for years. At first, it was used to assess the capabilities of a business’s call center workers. While this is still important, there’s actually another – more important role – for calls.

By using call tracking analytics gathered by call tracking software, you can elevate your marketing strategy significantly.

Interested? If so, keep reading to learn how to use call tracking and call analysis to improve your marketizing efforts, find more customers and achieve more success.

Call Tracking Can Help You Get to Know Your Customers

While you may already have a pretty good idea of who your customer is, call tracking can provide you with more insight. With this in place, you can get to know your target audience better than ever before.

While it’s pretty obvious, the first benefit of call tracking is the ability to hear from your customer firsthand.

By doing this, you can determine how effective your customer service is and identify areas where improvement would be beneficial. The ultimate goal – boosting conversation rates and customer satisfaction.

You can also better qualify potential leads. With call tracking, you can figure out what callers need more attention. When you have this info, you are better equipped to turn them into loyal customers.

Call tracking isn’t limited to just checking in on service levels and finding leads. It also lets you know where to put your efforts. With this information, you can exceed your own expectations and achieve a higher level of success.

Call Tracking and Marketing

In addition to providing you with customer insight, you can also use call tracking to achieve a clearer picture of how successful your marketing strategy is.

Some things that call tracking can help you find out about your marketing campaigns include:

  • Keyword Level Tracking: Find out which keywords are driving the most phone calls
  • Campaign Level Tracking: You can see what marketing campaigns (both offline and on) are resulting in the most conversions
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking: How many people interact with your company? Don’t know? With this, you can track an online lead, measuring the marketing channels that result in a phone call or conversion

These are just a few of the possibilities. The specific service or software you choose will likely offer more.

Should You Start Using Call Tracking Software?

If you are searching for a way to easily boost your marketing efforts, then you may want to look into utilizing call tracking software.

The call analytics that this software can provide can be invaluable in several ways. It helps with improving your marketing efforts, reaching more customers, providing better customer service and receiving more conversions.

If you are ready to get started with call tracking, and all it has to offer, reach out to us. We offer services in all things business and technology related.

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