Healthcare technology

How a healthcare help desk can improve patient experience

Healthcare helpdesks are hardly a new concept, yet not everyone understands how they can benefit their patients. If you're yet to prioritize finding the right helpdesk team, here are some of the ways your patients could benefit.

3 things your healthcare helpdesk should be offering

With the right approach, your healthcare helpdesk can make life in your clinical environment a lot calmer. But to do so, it needs to provide rapid response times, tailored support for clinicians, and it needs to take an analytical approach to address your tickets.

Why your NAS isn’t enough for your business (and what to do instead)

Selecting the ideal data storage system is imperative. Many SMBs choose network-attached storage (NAS). But is your NAS enough? If not, what should you use instead?

3 essential IT project management pro-tips

The most valuable IT project management pro-tips include combining IT and business goals into a unified plan. The most important IT projects streamline IT. The key is agile IT project implementation with minimal disruptions. Here are three pro-tips for pulling that off.

6 Things Your Business Continuity Plan Should Include

Everything from hurricanes to cyber attacks can severely affect your business operations, and the only way to stay online is to prepare for the worst. To help, we've outlined the 6 key areas to tackle in your business continuity plan to get up and running again quickly.
disaster recovery and business continuity

What's the Difference Between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity?

All businesses need great disaster recovery and business continuity plan. But are you aware that those terms aren't interchangeable? By learning more about the differences between the two, you keep your business safe in the event of panic-inducing disasters.

The Most Common Types of Cyber Threats

In today’s competitive landscape, companies are relying on technology to improve offerings, streamline processes, and protect data. Many businesses are turning to managed IT services providers.

Smarter Online Security Starts With These 4 tips

Cyber attacks put businesses at risk. Managed service providers can help mitigate that risk, but there are tactics businesses can also employ internally, such as managing passwords and educating employees.

What are managed IT services?

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are relying…