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5 Uses for a Wireless Communication System
It's amazing how a wireless communication system enhances our way of life. For several decades, people have continued improving these technologies. In so doing, their application becomes more widespread. There are various forms of wireless communication. These include satellite, mobile, wireless networks, infrared, and Bluetooth. Unfortunately, many companies don't know...
Intro to Business Continuity Management
You just put in a hard day at the office. You spent all morning and afternoon working on that massive case for the company's biggest client, and it's finally ready for their approval. You're just about to turn out the lights when your cell phone rings. You recognize the number...
Why Cloud Technology Solutions are Right for You
Cloud technology solutions are the wave of the future. Just ask any of the 93 percent of respondents to RightScale's survey who are already using it. Nowadays, cloud technology is becoming a staple for doing business. Are you wondering why? Let us welcome you to the 21st century and show...
What to Know About Ransomware Data Recovery Solutions
These days, ransomware data recovery solutions are more advanced than ever. In truth, they have to be. Last year, ransomware attacks caused billions of damage worldwide. By 2021, cybercrime damage costs are predicted to hit $6 trillion annually. Why is this happening? For one thing, ransomware is a very effective...
How VoIP can Improve Your Retail Call Handling
When customers shop in your store, they usually aren't thinking about your phones. That changes when your phones are ringing off the hook and your staff is either ignoring the noise or is too busy talking on the phone to pay attention to the massive line of people at the...

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