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How Do Call Analytics Improve Your Company's ROI?
Are you looking to improve the marketing and sales ROI of your business? If so, you should be investing time and energy into your call analytics. By measuring everything from inbound calls to customer complaints, you can determine which calls are leading to conversions, and pivot your strategy accordingly. Not...
Protecting Your Business From Cyber Security Threats
Feeling threatened by news of data breaches and high-profile hacks? 81% of business executives say they're not confident in their cyber security. That's no surprise when so many businesses are working with out-of-date tech. Below, we're looking at the steps you can take to protect your business from cyber security...
5 Steps to Successful Ransomware Mitigation
Ransomware attacks increased more than 90 percent in 2017. This represents an almost 10-fold rise since 2016. In the IT world, ransomware is known as the supervillain of cybersecurity. It targets businesses, hospitals, schools, consumers, and even police departments. With the rapid increase in incidents, ransomware mitigation is a key...
5 Signs Your Business is Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack
The online world can be like the Wild West, especially for businesses. They are rich targets for a cyber attack, and need to have a plan in place. Around 44 percent of small businesses have suffered an attack. Plus, cyber crimes can zap your funds - businesses lose up to...
The Best Cloud Solutions For Small Business in 2018
Not convinced yet that cloud computing is the future of your small business? According to a survey by RightScale, 85% of enterprises in 2017 had a multi-cloud strategy. That figure is up from 82% in 2016 and only continues to rise. You're probably focused on daily operations and growing your...
5 Tips For Better Project Planning and Management
An article in the Harvard Business Review discussed, "The Dirty Little Secret of Project Management." The "secret" of the article was that most project managers have no idea when they'll complete the project. Effective project planning and management have to be about delivering the project on time, within budget and...
How to Know If You Need IT Consulting Services for Your Business
Are you ready for the benefits IT consulting services can offer your company? Wondering if it's time for your business to hire an IT consultant? Managed IT solutions and IT consultants can do a lot for your business. Consulting services can help to optimize your business operations and help your...
5 Ways Cloud IT Solutions Can Help Optimize Your Company
Inefficiencies haunt business owners. Maybe it's employees standing idle right next to a pile of work. Maybe it's that networked printer that always goes down when you need 200 copies of a form. Maybe your manufacturing facility never achieves peak performance. Whatever they are, every inefficiency shows up in your...
5 Benefits of Server Encryption for Your Business
In order to resolve the average cybersecurity attack, companies work an average of 45 days and spend over $20,000 a day. If you're a small to medium-sized business, this is a massive expense to hand over to some random pirates who want control of your data. While server encryption might...

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