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How to Calculate the Costs (and Advantages) of Outsourced IT Support

IT support is critical to any business. Many times, SMBs seek out outsourced IT support because it makes more fiscal sense and offers a variety of benefits. However, you may be wondering how to calculate the cost of outsourced IT. Cost is, of course, a significant factor in what services you choose, but you also […]

How does a VoIP phone system work differently than POTS?

The world of telephones used to be much simpler. Businesses today have so many more options when it comes to their phone systems. Within those options are VoIP and POTS. Both of these phone systems can be beneficial to your organization. But it’s important to understand the differences so you can choose what will work […]

What is a VoIP phone system and why should you want one?

Productivity: it’s time that translates into money.   What if there was a solution to help you maximize yours? Good news, there is. It’s called Voice over Internet Protocol, a.k.a. VoIP. VoIP technology enhances your business communications by giving you the ability to communicate seamlessly on a variety of different devices.   Here are a […]

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Healthcare

We prepared a free printable checklist that can help your organization and staff prepare for a natural disaster! According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the combination of property damage and spending on aid and relief cost the US a total of $306 billion in 2017. Last year shattered the previous cost record, […]

How Are VoIP Solutions Aiding the Healthcare Industry?

Patients already hate waiting at the doctor’s office. Why should they have to wait on your outdated telephone system too? A reliable VoIP phone solution can revolutionize the way you run your doctor’s office. It can send you the information you need on time. By using the VoIP phone system, you can organize your messages and improve efficiency. The most important aspect of VoIP solutions is that your patients feel heard. This is good for your patients and for your practice. If you want to improve the way your doctor’s office runs, you need to check out VoIP solutions. Read on to learn more.

3 Engaging Tips for Great Call Flows

3 Engaging Tips for Great Call Flows Improve call flows with these engaging tips. Turn phone calls into points of conversion and experience customer service success like never before! Having excellent call flows for your business is important. It’s the difference between a company that’s trusted and one that’s not. Fifty-five percent of customers would […]

Benefits of Switching to a Managed IT Service Provider Instead of DIY

For years, businesses would use the break/fix model to deal with their IT, but more and more people are switching to a managed IT service provider. If you’re considering your options, then read up on the key benefits of making the switch right here in this article. When it comes to executing a corporate strategy, […]

Is Your Ransomware Recovery Plan Solid? 5 Ways to Know

With the average data breach costing nearly $4 million, most businesses can’t afford to deal with a ransomware attack. Instead of rushing to stop the loss when you get hit with ransomware, you need a ransomware recovery plan to help complement your preparation. While you don’t want to become a victim, if you are, it doesn’t have to be as dire as it is for some companies. Here are 5 things to ask yourself to know if you’re prepared to get hit with ransomware.

Top 5 Computer Security Threats That Could Cost You Millions

The Internet is a beautiful thing. You can shop online, conduct business, and watch cute cat videos. But like the Wild West, the Internet has outlaws. Hackers steal millions of dollars worth of data every day. In fact, half of all small businesses report suffering a cyber attack. Even the big guys like Sony aren’t immune to a cyber thief’s sticky fingers. Knowing is half the battle, especially in the digital space. These five common computer security threats could ruin you if left undetected.