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Agriculture 101: How an IT Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save You

IT troubles can spell disaster for you regardless of what industry you’re in. Some companies have even gone under due to the stress of a major IT problem.

Make sure that never happens to you. Put an IT disaster recovery plan in place and test, test, test it. If you don’t think it is that important, take a look at these reasons why you should have a plan.

Technology Fails

Technology is a key piece in business these days. Even industries as fundamental as the agriculture industry use technology. It helps them be more efficient and stay ahead of their competitors.

Today, technology is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was a few years ago. Large-scale system-wide failures/disasters are not common. But that doesn’t mean that they never happen.

Your company’s Internet connection could go down, or you could have a hardware failure. Either occurrence can have a tremendous effect on productivity or information storage.

An easy method to avoid this being a huge problem is to back up your data on a regular basis. A good disaster recovery service can handle this for you, easy peasy.

Humans Fail

While technology failure may be rare, human failure is less so. People make mistakes all the time. They may save over a project they’re working on and have to redo it. This causes delays and costs you money.

But what if it’s something worse than that? What do you do if someone erases part of your database by accident?

Incremental online data backups are the best contingency plan in these instances. Instead of having to redo whatever you lost you can access the last backup and restore it.

Sometimes it is impossible to replace the lost information. In that case, that incremental online backup is a lifesaver.

Customers are Demanding

Customers expect a lot from companies these days. There is so much competition they can afford to be picky. If you can’t perform up to their expectations, there is always somebody else they can turn to.

Something as simple as a service outage can cause you to lose customers. They’re not interested in your excuses or promises to fix it fast. They don’t want to see it happen in the first place.

Customer Retention is Important

From a business perspective, you know that keeping customers can cost money. You also know that finding new ones (or re-acquiring) costs even more.

Data losses, or other IT disasters, cause your customers to lose trust in your company. They may not leave right away, but you have damaged the relationship. Trust is difficult to win back once it’s lost.

A strong IT disaster recovery plan can help you prevent this from happening in the first place.

The Right IT Disaster Recovery Plan

We offer IT solutions specifically designed for the agriculture industry. We know the issues particular to your business and can provide the solutions that you need.

Don’t leave yourself exposed to disaster. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for you!

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