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5 Ways Cloud IT Solutions Can Help Optimize Your Company

Inefficiencies haunt business owners.

[vc_separator el_width=”50″]Maybe it’s employees standing idle right next to a pile of work. Maybe it’s that networked printer that always goes down when you need 200 copies of a form. Maybe your manufacturing facility never achieves peak performance.

Whatever they are, every inefficiency shows up in your bottom line.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for optimizing every aspect of your business. Employee idleness probably calls for stricter supervision. Manufacturing shortfalls might require reorganizing the layout.

Cloud IT solutions, however, can benefit your company on several fronts.

Let’s jump in and look at some of them.

Cloud IT Solutions Are More Cost Effective

You wouldn’t buy a warehouse that you only plan to fill halfway or a truck that can carry twice your average order size. The operating and upkeep costs would eat into your bottom line for no good reason

Yet, buying servers with a lot more memory and processing power than you currently need is common practice. The thinking goes that you should buy based on your projected needs 2-3 years from now. The end result is that you pay now and keep paying for hardware and upkeep you might need someday.

Cloud IT providers, on the other hand, often offer pay-as-you-go options. You choose a subscription option that meets your current needs. If demand for those cloud resources goes up, you switch to a different tier of service.

You only end up paying for what you need, as you need it, which typically proves less expensive.

Better Security

While you might not face the $25 million fine the FCC slapped AT&T with after their data breach, you can still face legal consequences.

Customers can sue you. Plus, there are many state and federal laws that protect consumer privacy. A breach can open you up to legal action from regulators.

If you aren’t an expert in cyber-security, it’s increasingly difficult to stay ahead of cybercriminals. You don’t have the tech background to spot a misconfigured database or recognize vulnerable software.

For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, keeping dedicated IT pros on staff isn’t a financial option. You roll every penny back into the business for things like keeping the lights on.

A cloud IT solutions provider has advantages you don’t on the security front.

They must keep cyber-security experts on staff. They possess the expertise to configure hardware and software correctly. They’ll recognize and avoid deploying risky software.

In fact, around 94% of businesses report that their security improved after moving to cloud-based solutions.

Facilitates Remote Work

Remote work is a reality of the modern business world. In fact, Millennials often treat telecommuting options as a dealbreaker for taking a job.

Even in companies that frown on remote work, giving employees remote access to company resources is practical.

Let’s say that bad weather makes the roads dangerous. Your marketing team can still work on the new campaign using digital resources. Your financial manager can still review accounts and prepare reports.

In short, not providing remote access hamstrings anyone whose job doesn’t involve face time with customers.

Cloud IT solutions make providing that access easier. Barring a disaster of monumental proportions, your cloud services will remain available 24/7. Employees can access software or documents from anywhere they can find an Internet connection.

Faster Disaster Recovery

Disasters strike and there’s almost no reasonable method for avoiding them. Sometimes mother nature hurls a tornado, hurricane, or flood at an area. Other times, the disaster is a roof leak that destroys half your inventory and all your computer equipment.

The first step in recovering from any disaster is a disaster recovery plan. You can replace inventory, IT infrastructure, and even a building, if necessary. Something you can’t just replace is your data.

Say you only store your email list or customer contact data locally. If a leaking pipe destroys the hard drive where you store that info, there’s a good chance you’ll lose it forever. That loss can drive some businesses out of business.

That means you must make data recovery a major component of your recovery plan. You can do that with off-site tape backups, but there’s an easier way.

One of the most used features of cloud IT solutions is data backups. You needn’t back up every single file, but you’ll want copies of business-critical info backed up. As a bonus, you can automate when and how often the data backs up.

Once you get new computers, download your data and get back to work.

Focus on Core Competencies

Building and maintaining a robust, secure IT infrastructure is expensive.

The hardware has a shelf-life of about 3 years before you need to replace it. Setup, configuration, upgrades, and updates often require the services of tech professionals.

Bad news, though. There’s a worldwide shortage of cyber-security tech pros, specifically, and IT pros more generally. That means building a competent, in-house IT department won’t prove easy or cheap.

Here’s the thing. Unless you happen to run a tech company, keeping IT in-house isn’t that advantageous. It’s not what your company is good at.

Sure, you need some people for on-site IT problems, but cloud IT solutions shift the biggest problems onto someone else’s plate.

Your cloud provider must deal with server selection and replacement, configuration, and upgrades. They must contend with software update rollouts. Hiring competent tech pros is an issue for their HR department.

Farming out those IT problems lets you focus on your core competencies.

Parting Thoughts

Cloud IT solutions can’t fix every inefficiency that troubles your company, but they can help you optimize in several areas.

They’re often more cost-effective than maintaining your own, in-house IT infrastructure. They offer better cyber-security. They make remote work easier for everyone.

Cloud solutions remove the very serious problem of finding and hiring competent IT pros. They also let you stop worrying about technology and stay focused on your company’s core competencies.

ThinkSecureNet specializes in managed IT solutions, including cloud solutions. For more information about our IT solutions or scheduling a consultation, contact us today.

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