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5 Signs Your Business is Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack

The online world can be like the Wild West, especially for businesses. They are rich targets for a cyber attack, and need to have a plan in place.

Around 44 percent of small businesses have suffered an attack. Plus, cyber crimes can zap your funds – businesses lose up to $1.33 billion a year from cybercrime.

Is your business prepared for an attack? Do you have an emergency plan in case something happens?

Check out this list of five signs your business is vulnerable to an attack!

1) Your Passwords Are Weak

Having a weak password is like giving a burglar the keys to your front door. How strong are your passwords?

Believe it not, even the biggest companies sometimes rely on the old “12345” password. If it’s not safe for your home computer, it’s not safe for your company.

Use a password generator to create strong, hard to guess passwords to prevent a cyber attack.

2) Secure Your Data

Whenever you hear a major company has had a data breach, do you feel that you can trust them with your information?

Not really.

That’s how your customers will feel if you lose control of your data. Make sure you lock down the flow of your information.

Take steps to prevent anyone hacking into your communication and jeopardizing your security.

3) Out of Date Malware Protection

Malware and viruses are constantly changing. Programmers love nothing more than to sit around, creating new ways to get inside your firewall.

Keeping your anti-virus software up-to-date is one way to keep a cyber attack at bay. Want to do more? Research the latest trends in malware protection.

Things change quickly in the world of online viruses. You need to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

4) Slow Service

Have you experienced a slowdown in your connection? This could be a sign that you’re already under attack.

If your Internet connection drops in and out or just seems to be barely chugging along, you could be the victim of a DoS or DDoS attack.

DoS means denial of service. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service. Both are kinds of attacks where the goal is to overload your system.

Keep an eye out for a sluggish connection – it may be key to preventing a cyber attack.

5) Ignoring the Issue

What’s the most dangerous thing facing a vulnerable company? Apathy.

Whether you think you’re too small to target, that you’ve done enough, or just think it can’t happen to you, you’re wrong.

Make a plan and stay flexible to avoid a catastrophe.

Stay Safe from a Devastating Cyber Attack
These five tips are just the beginning. If you really want to protect your company, you need professionals who are committed to your security.

That’s why we’re here for you. We are dedicated to your cyber safety and understand the challenges companies face when it comes to cybersecurity.

Contact us for your free consultation and take control of your online safety today!

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