5 IT Desktop Support Certifications Your Support Team Should Have

These days, having IT support is vital for your business. If you’re not a tech master, understanding troubleshooting and repair is difficult. But if you’re not a tech expert, who says your staff is tech experts?

While there are plenty of IT education and training opportunities, there are ways you can ensure your IT staff are true professionals.

Certifications are one way to identify an experienced employee from an entry-level IT tech. But with so many types of certifications, many employers overlook this benefit.

If you’re hiring for an IT team, you need to check for certain certifications on their resumes. Here are 5 of the best desktop support certifications.

1. CompTIA A+

The CompTIA certification is one of the most prestigious IT certifications. Many IT professionals strive for this certification for the reputation and comprehensive training.

CompTIA is useful for CompTIA is also great for entry-level support techs who want to expand their skills and for those who desire more certifications.

2. AppleCare Mac Technician (ACMT)

If you use Apple products, find an IT tech with advanced knowledge of Apple products and Mac computers.

The best certification to find is the AppleCare Mac Technician or ACMT. Also called the Apple Certified Mac Technician, they’re trained in-depth in MacBook, MacBook Pro, and other professional Apple products.

3. HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR)

If you don’t know what HDI is, you need to study IT a little more closely. HDI is one of the most legendary tech organizations. Their certification, the HDI-CSR, specializes in service desk and technical support.

But the HDI-CSR is extremely complex.

Their certifications range from entry-level (HDI Desktop Support Technician) to a directorial certification (HDI Support Center Director). As long as you see “HDI” in their certification, you’ll know they’re the best candidate.

4. ITIL Foundation

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a source for IT service delivery. Their certification covers all IT aspects, including design, development, support, and delivery.

Keep in mind, the ITIL Foundation certification is the most basic certification.

There are many levels: practitioner, intermediate, expert, and master.

5. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate on Windows 10 (MCSA: Windows 10)

Many people, including professionals, experience difficulty with Windows 10. If this is the software your firm uses, hire a Windows 10 expert. As problems arise, a tech guru can help both your system and your customers.

Even though is a recent certification, it offers comprehensive Windows training that typical training doesn’t offer.

Time to Look for Desktop Support Certifications

To ensure your IT candidate is right for the job, check and see if they have any desktop support certifications. Along with education and experience, this ensures they have the knowledge your company needs.

There are many certifications for each IT niche. There are broader ones that cover all basis, niche certifications such as help desk, and even more niche certifications for Apple and Windows products.

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